"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

- John Lennon

Cabaret Voltaire. The Gaslight. Café Wha? These and many other places, some intimate, others expansive, have all found a place in history as centers of action, the hubs around which movements, be they large or small, swirled. From the Dadas to the Lost Generation, the Beats, and beyond, cafés have been an inspirational model for individual expression and community creativity.

The power of the café and the mobility of ideas and ideologies as well as the ability to bring two people together to fall in love, to serve as a meeting point for conversation (or even revolution!)—is as undeniable as it is universal, and it has greatly influenced the way Maglianero is designed.

Located at the heart of Karma Bird House—the collaborative co-working space found on Burlington's waterfront—Maglianero shares the Karma Bird House Gallery which features art exhibits, readings, music sessions, community lectures, life drawing sessions, yoga classes, urban cycling gatherings, and many other unique intersections of people and ideas. 

Maglianero believes these experiences are a form of social sculpture where anything is possible and the world can be forever changed for the better.