The deeper the cultural connection the better the drink.


Coffee powers creativity and community. Our coffees are selected, tested, and roasted by Counter Culture Coffee. Our coffees are sourced ethically and transparently, often from farms that share a direct relationship with Counter Culture and their passionate staff. The benefits of this type of collaborative relationship go beyond the quality of the product.

"At Counter Culture Coffee, we approach our work with a relentless pursuit of coffee perfection, a dedication to real sustainability, and a commitment to cutting-edge coffee education throughout the coffee chain.”

- Counter Culture



The Maglianero tea selection is brought to you through Stone Leaf Tea House just down the road from us in Middlebury, Vermont.

The Stone Leaf Teas reflect our ideals; grown with skill and heart to cultivate a healthy ecosystem and global community.  Each year Stone Leaf visits the tea gardens that produce the finest teas in the world. Connecting you to the families that have grown and processed tea for generations.